The Fertile Soul of Yoga

August 27th, 2010

The Fertile Soul of Yoga with Dr. Randine Lewis and Jennifer BuergermeisterYoga, meditation, abdominal massage, acupressure experiental group work and lecture are part of this extraordinary DVD program which also provides a snapshot into the sessions of Dr. Lewis’ intensive retreats. Stress and lack of blood flow to reproductive organs are impediments to fertility. This DVD shares how to reduce stress, increase blood flow, and balance the mind/body for overall wellness and enhanced fertility.

Content includes: Yoga, Meditation, Abdominal and Femoral Massage, Acupressure and Lecture
In this DVD, Randine Lewis commentates as Jennifer Buergermeister demonstrates a full yoga practice

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An Opening for Sadness

August 27th, 2010

One of the most poignant moments in all my years of coaching women through this incredible journey of infertility, was when I gave a woman permission to be sad.  When I said the words “it is okay to be sad”, I could actually feel their relief over the phone.   The relief of giving up the battle of what she felt versus what she thought she was supposed to do.  For her, being given permission to be authentic with herself was an amazing gift and the gratitude was palpable.

 In this culture, we are taught that when we fall, we just brush off our knees, get up and go back into the fray.  This is practical for many things in life, such as sports or our professional lives.  But in our attempts to create the child we so desire, it does not allow the ebb and flow that is innate with this process, just like in nature with the rise and fall of the moon and the tides.  There is a time for movement and a time for stillness.  Within that stillness we can feel what we need to feel, to process what needs processing, or to discern and receive the lessons or jewels within. 

 Why do we need to allow ourselves to fully feel the sadness or the loss?  Because it exists.  It simply is.  Not honoring the sadness or loss allows this energy of emotion to get stuck in our bodies.  Some say this is where all dis-ease starts – the blocking of energy when we want ebb and flow. 

Some of the clients I work with are fearful of allowing the sadness or loss to fully engage in their heart – they feel it might be unbearable.  But the opposite is true.  Holding in those feelings suffocate the heart energies, and make us feel isolated and fearful.  Fully feeling the sadness allows it to pass–  to move out of the body!  And make space again for hope.

Blessings on your journey.

Michelle Galatoire

Putting Life on Hold

May 22nd, 2010

Isn’t it ironic that we put our lives on hold when we are trying to bring new life in?  it seems the right thing at the time – “no skiing vacation as this might be the month”, no new clothes as we might need pregnancy clothes in a few months, no changing careers as we need this insurance for the delivery…on and on….so many choices based on ‘what if?’.

I was a master at this for many years – putting all on hold in order to ‘manage’ my energy towards my fertility attempts.  So many plans put on hold – to a point of forgetting them.   And as the tunnel vision became tighter and tighter around the image of what I didn’t have (the baby), the less I would see what I did have – a life.  A marriage, a home, family, friends, work, a beloved pet.  Vacations became places to escape to mourn rather than places to discover and enjoy. 

I was unable to live or even conceive of living in the dichotomy of having a joyful life AND being sad that the baby was not yet here.  The fear of never having a baby was too great.

And all of these ‘life holds’ are exactly the opposite energy that we actually need to bring into play!  Life begets life!  Putting our lives on hold only creates stagnancy where we need movement, lost opportunities where we need options and regret where we need hope.

Many women who have attended our retreats have discovered that they have put their lives on hold without consciously doing so.  It was simply a natural action to take to protect their fertility efforts.  Rediscovering lost dreams and set aside passions during their time at retreat awakened those desires and brought back a surge of zest for life.  For life as it is now – to be lived today.

And that energy – that passion – that LIVING  – is what opens up our souls to the soul waiting to come to us….

-Michelle Galatoire