Conscious In-Fertility

What does it mean to be conscious in our fertility efforts when getting pregnant is a challenge?

Being ‘conscious’ is a word that is tossed around a lot of late, so let us take a closer look at the meaning of conscious.

con·scious pronounced [kon-shuhs] adjective
1. aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.
2. fully aware of or sensitive to something
3. having the mental faculties fully active
4. known to oneself; felt
5. aware of what one is doing

When read with the eyes or filter of my in-fertility experience, I realize, in many ways, I was completely unconscious about the way I walked through this journey we call in-fertility.  I was aware that I wanted a baby.  Prayed for a baby.  Needed a baby.  Would to anything for a baby.  And that was my focus.  My world.  My mission.  And as this acute desire consumed my awareness, all other areas of my life faded outside the scope of this tunneled vision.

So, if the desire for that baby inherently leads our awareness away from our existence, sensation, thoughts, and surroundings that are not fertility related, how can one walk through in-fertility fully conscious?

The answer is as simple as are the answers of similar questions of awareness or enlightenment in other cultures and throughout the religions and traditions and time.  It is living in the now.   I realize that this might sound ludicrous when one is in the despair of in-fertility.  Who wants to be there – in the excrutiating pain of not having that which we most desire/need/crave?
But behind the mind, just below the despair, and in the breath … is now.  And when you can reach it, hear it, feel it and embrace it – all is well.  After all, what else do we have?  The past is done, and does not have to predict our future.  Our future is still malleable to our intent and actions.  And now is perfect.  We can breathe.  We can hope.  We are okay.

Michelle Galatoire
Life & Wellness Coach

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