HERB-003 Resolve Damp: Ovarian Stimulation Formula


This formula should be taken during the follicular phase to help stimulate the energies that encourage ovulation in women whose ovaries have been resistant to ovulation. Also helpful for conditions like PCOS. 

It should be taken between menstruation and ovulation only. It may be taken alone (if dampness is severe); or (if mild PCOS symptoms) may be combined with the Kidney Essence: Follicular Health Formula, each in halved amounts.

After ovulation you may choose from the HERB 005, Tonify Kidney Qi” luteal phase support formula,┬áHERB-004 Invigorate Blood: Uterine Health Formula, HERB-006 Vitalize Spleen Qi: Immunologic Formula or HERB-007 Resolve Stagnation: Stress-PMS Formula.

*The Resolve Damp: Ovarian Stimulation formula should not be taken after ovulation.


Cost: $45 per bottle
Quantity: 100 capsules (12.5 days)
Dosage: 8 capsules per day


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