Tao Yin – Qi Gong



Qi Gong is a meditative movement exercise performed in Chinese medicine and Taoist wellness practices. The intention of Qi Gong is to tap into, balance and enliven the flow of energy in the body. The mind is stilled as energetic blockages are released and flow is restored to the center channel or microcosmic orbit, also known in Western medicine as the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. Qi Gong assists with opening up the meridians that lead to the uterus and ovaries.The Fertile Soul Qi Gong practice is designed specifically to improve the communication between the brain, pituitary gland and reproductive organs, and reduce stress significantly.

Female Qi Gong masters can start and stop their periods at will. Male adepts can enhance and cultivate their sexual energy. In addition to enhancing reproductive energies, Qi Gong can also achieve specific therapeutic results. It is utilized in China to alleviate many disease processes, including psychological difficulties and terminal illnesses. Qi Gong helps the practitioner calm the mind, enliven the body, and merge with the fundamental energies of the universe.

In this DVD, Dr. Randine demonstrates a full Qi Gong practice.




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