Cooking for Fertility Webinar – February 24th @ 8pm EST

3 Keys of Eating for Fertility:

Blood Sugar Balance, Digestion and Detoxification

Three dietary factors are crucial to your reproductive health; if they aren’t in balance, they could sabotage your hormones, weight, mood, immune system and energy levels.  To support optimal fertility we will address these 3 key factors: blood sugar balance, digestion and detoxification.

Join us February 24th @ 8pm EST and learn how to:

1-   Keep your blood sugar stable (for a healthy Body Mass Index, known to support conception both naturally and through IVF)

2-   Support your digestion (for absorption of key nutrients for fertility)

3-   Enhance your body’s natural ability to detoxify (to rid the body of environmental toxins that may be adversely impacting your fertility).


This webinar utilizes Adobe Connect for the meeting. Access to computer with consistent internet connection REQUIRED.

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Nutrition Webinar Event

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*There are NO refunds on this purchase – the event will be recorded and each guest will have access to the entire webinar if you should miss any portion of it.

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