Fertile Life Consults

The Fertile Soul encourages you to adopt a holistic approach to your fertility.  Our Wellness Consultants can help you find ways to nurture your mind, body and spirit based on your unique needs.

A Wellness Consult can help you gain greater peace, balance and wholeness by:

* reducing mental distress by identifying painful beliefs and unconscious blocks
* reducing physical distress by listening to your intuition and tuning into your body’s messages
* reducing spiritual distress by gaining broader perspective on your fertility journey

Our Wellness Consultants have a broad range of training and experience to help you choose and implement sustainable lifestyle changes that enhance your fertility endeavors.

With the gentle guidance of our Wellness Consultants, you can cultivate a deeper sense of purpose, direction and hope, supporting you in leading a fertile life in every sense of the word.


1.  ALL patient Intake Forms must be filled out and received by your practitioner at least 48 hours prior to your appointment – click here for Intake Forms

2.  All phone consults must be used within 3 months (90 days) from purchase date – No Exceptions

3.  No refunds will be issued for phone consult purchases


WELL-001 Fertile Life Foundations INITIAL Consult
This program will provide you with life coaching and guide you in wellness practices to enhance your fertility. Prior to your appointment, you’ll complete an intake questionnaire concerning your current habits, as well as your objectives for your consultation or series. Our Wellness advisors will design a one-hour appointment to meet your needs. Content might include setting fertility priorities, self-inquiry and letting go of limiting habits and beliefs, incorporating more self-nurturing and affirming practices, and other life-changing practices. 



This consult includes: An initial 60-minute phone consultation

Wellness Initial Consult  $125

No Longer Available


WELL-002 Fertile Life Renewal FOLLOW-UP Consult
This program is for clients who have had an initial mind-spirit wellness consultation by phone. It includes preparation, material development and one 30-minute consultation for support with restoring your fertility. 



This consult includes: A follow-up 30-minute phone consultation

Wellness Follow-up Consult  $75

No Longer Available


WELL-003 Fertile Life TRANSITIONS Consult
Whether you have been trying to conceive naturally for a short time, or doing fertility treatments for years….Whether you are beginning to think of letting go of these endeavors, or already beginning a new journey on the road to adoption….While our culture teaches us to brush off our knees when we fall down, and get up and keep going, sometimes we need to just stop, breathe and be.  After the struggle and pain inherent with infertility, there are a myriad of emotions…thoughts…body memories…that may need attention, acknowledgement, processing or honoring and healing to move through to allow your new endeavors to be conscious, joyful and hopeful. 

The intention of these coaching sessions is to restore your mind, body and spirit to a place where you can move forward to make conscious, empowering, life enhancing choices.

Wellness Transitions Consult  $125

No Longer Available




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