NUTR-002: Powdered Isotonic OPC


ISO-OPC powdered antioxidant neutralizes free radicals that cause oxidative stress and premature aging. 

ISO-OPC contains a powerful combination of Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs) from sources that include grape seed, red wine and pine bark extracts. The grape seed extract is the superior source of OPCs, containing 92% of active ingredients over pine bark’s 84% of active OPC ingredients.*

The red wine extract contains flavonoids called leucocyanidins from the skin of red grapes. Leucocyanidins are bioflavonoids with powerful antioxidant properties crucial to their role in supporting the circulatory system.ISO-OPC also contains bilberry and citrus extracts, which are known to have effects of vision and histamine release, respectively.

The manufacturer, Saratoga Supplements, has added vitamins C and E as well, two great antioxidants themselves. Together, this combination of OPC is superior to any OPC on the market in active ingredients and isotonic capability.

This powerful formula will be delivered to your system the way nature intended it to be – in an isotonic solution that maximizes absorption. ISO-OPC has a pleasant natural grape flavor, is a vegetarian product, and mixes instantly when added to water. This product should be taken according to label instructions for the fastest, Isotonic delivery of the active ingredients.


$35 for one bottle
$33 for 2-3 bottles
$31 for 4-8 bottles
$30 for 9+ bottles


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