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April 26th, 2010

The Fertile Soul offers a variety of services and products to support your journey to greater wellness and fertility.

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If you have questions regarding retreats or phone consultations, please send an e-mail If you have questions regarding products or herbs, please e-mail

Or, you may call 1-866-688-4344 , our online system will take your message, and theappropriate member of The Fertile Soul staff will return your call within 24 hours.


Register for Retreats

Intensive retreats are the most immersive and transformative way to learn The Fertile Soul philosophy and approaches and begin
experiencing the therapies and incorporating them into your life. Read more about the retreat program, or see the retreat calendar
and register using the link above.


Phone Consultations
Register for Phone Consultations

If attending a retreat is not possible for you in the near-term, phone consultations are an effective way to get started with
treatment using traditional Chinese medicine and dietary and lifestyle modifications. Read more about the phone consultation program,
or register using the link above.

Fertility Tea, Herbs and Supplements
Herbs and Supplements

Chinese herbal medicines treat disease by altering the body’s internal energies, gently correcting underlying deficiencies to┬áhelp resolve the state of infertility. Read more about what herbs can do for your health or order custom prescription formulas or
pre-made blends using the link above.


Purchase Merchandise (Books, DVDs, CDs)
Purchase Merchandise Books, DVDs, CDs)

Information and support are essential to achieving your goals. Dr. Randine’s books, DVDs from Fertile Soul retreats, therapeutic
movement DVDs, meditation CDs and our journal for tracking your fertility journey, treatments and cycle improvements can be your coach
and companion as you introduce healthy changes.