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What our colleagues say


Margaret Christensen, MD, FACOG

"Traditional Western approaches to infertility have focused on fixing what is wrong or broken physically, with expensive and exhausting treatments. By addressing the whole woman-- mind, body and spirit, and utilizing ancient Oriental techniques to enhance innate fertility, Dr. Lewis’s powerful integrative approach allows each woman to give birth to herself first. What follows is an awakening of receptivity, and creativity at all levels, not only enhancing a woman’s fertile power, but also her strength, joy and passion for life."

Mary Jane White, MS, LMSW
Director, Mind/Body Wellness Program for Infertility, OB-Gyn Associates

"It is a rare thing when close to 100% of (infertility) patients say a healthcare practitioner is wonderful and helpful to them, even if they don’t get pregnant. Such is the case with Dr. Randine Lewis—everyone loves her!"

Retreat FAQ


What can I expect from a retreat?

Read all about the intensive retreat program experience and therapies offered. If you have additional questions, please Contact Us.

Can my partner attend with me?

We so strongly encourage partners at retreats that we offer them the same experience as everyone attending at less than our cost.

How much will Dr. Randine be at the retreat?

Dr. Randine leads the retreat schedule personally along with staff and experts for certain sessions during the retreat. Participants are generally surprised and pleased by how present and accessible Dr. Randine is throughout the retreat.

The Fertile Soul Retreats

The Tao gave birth to one...

"The greatest gift I could offer on retreat is to show anyone struggling with their fertility the source of life and put them directly in touch with its effortless expression.

Life patterns itself into various energetic expressions that either enhance or inhibit reproductive health. The Fertile Soul Method ® is designed to help resolve physical, mental and emotional barriers as you open to the highest level that consciousness may express new life.”

- Dr. Randine Lewis
Founder of The Fertile Soul

The Retreat Experience

The doctor of the future will give no medicines, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the causes of disease.
- Thomas Edison

The Fertile Soul retreat brings you to an understanding of balance according to Chinese medicine and the identification of patterns of imbalance that have shown up as "infertility". We utilize a time-tested blend of lectures, reproductive massage techniques, qi gong, yoga, cognitive restructuring, relaxation techniques, and identifying and releasing limiting beliefs and life stressors. We focus on improving circulation to and response from the reproductive system. We utilize deep and powerful energy healing techniques to remove mental barriers, which show up as physical obstructions.

Group sharing and connection with new friends who understand is a key part of the experience. All aspects of the program build your awareness of your imbalances from an Eastern medicine perspective and support your healing. Over the course of a single retreat, Dr. Lewis and the Fertile Soul staff, and your new community will lead you to a place of renewed fertile expression, hope and support.



Attend a Fertile Soul retreat in the comfort of your own home! Instruction will be provided on Chinese medical therapy, internal inquiry regarding causative factors of reproductive dysfunction; dietary therapy, nutritional supplementation, individualized herbal formulation, reproductive massage, stress reduction, and qi gong meditative exercises. We will dive into deeper causative issues like, how do imbalances arise? What does my outlook have to do with my reproductive functioning? Dr. Lewis will share her revolutionary healing process and help you relate to your fertility in a natural, healthy, and open way.



The tuition for each retreat may vary by location. Accommodations for overnight stays are generally paid directly to the host hotel and vary by location and season. Some locations will require The Fertile Soul to purchase room blocks - in this case, the tuition rates will include your hotel stay (please read each retreat description carefully upon registration).


Some events may include additional add-on treatments/consultations with a tuition purchase - again, please read each events information carefully. A TCM treatment plan will include herbal, supplemental, and dietary suggestions based on your individual diagnosis. Both your practitioner AND Dr. Lewis reviews and confirms all treatment plans.


For post-retreat care, we help you identify a TCM practitioner in your community - ideally, a member of our Clinical Excellence in Fertility Program, affiliated practitioners trained in The Fertile Soul Method and committed to intensive ongoing knowledge development and practice excellence. If there is not a CEFP practitioner in your area, we offer various options including consultation with a local practitioner as well as other in-depth consults with The Fertile Soul staff, post retreat.


Each retreat experience is unique, taking you into your depths with a revolutionary healing process that identifies and removes mental, emotional and spiritual patterns of obstruction. This is an ongoing process where you can return again and again as you feel called to reclaim and renew your ability to heal.

Most expressions of infertility are caused by a lack of communication between the brain and reproductive organs. These physiologic messages, translated into hormonal imbalances or implantation failure, often originate in subconsciously-held emotional and mental habits and other patterns of limitation that disconnect our bodies from their full fertile potential.

We utilize extensive self-inquiry, group discussion and meridian movement therapy techniques.

Dr. Lewis helps you access the healer within, the place where the soul is healed. The result is a renewed receptivity that invites life to manifest.


The soul, like the moon, is new, and always new again. And I have seen the ocean continuously creating. Since I scoured my mind and my body, I too am new, each moment new. My teacher told me one thing, 'Live in the Soul.' When that was so, I began to go naked, and dance.
- Lalla, from Kashmir (14th century)

Lisa W. (video):

"Our son was conceived naturally and born in Oct of 2008 and is such a wonderful joy that has added so much to our lives!!! After attending the retreat in Nov of 2006 I felt like a new woman, renewed and full of fertility in all aspects of my life..."    Read more!

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