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What our colleagues say


Margaret Christensen, MD, FACOG

"Traditional Western approaches to infertility have focused on fixing what is wrong or broken physically, with expensive and exhausting treatments. By addressing the whole woman-- mind, body and spirit, and utilizing ancient Oriental techniques to enhance innate fertility, Dr. Lewis’s powerful integrative approach allows each woman to give birth to herself first. What follows is an awakening of receptivity, and creativity at all levels, not only enhancing a woman’s fertile power, but also her strength, joy and passion for life."

Mary Jane White, MS, LMSW
Director, Mind/Body Wellness Program for Infertility, OB-Gyn Associates

"It is a rare thing when close to 100% of (infertility) patients say a healthcare practitioner is wonderful and helpful to them, even if they don’t get pregnant. Such is the case with Dr. Randine Lewis—everyone loves her!"

John G.,

""I put my wife on a plane to go to the first retreat, somewhat apprehensive of what she was going to do now for her fertility. She came back without the forehead crease that she had had for years. But more than that, she was actually glowing. I got my wife back. She is happier than I have ever seen her, even before the fertility struggles. I went with her to the third session for the couple's retreat, and much to my surprise, I feel a similar transformation within me. I am excited about sharing this process with her, and within other aspects of my life. This isn't just about having a baby, it's about having a life!" "

Methods The Fertile Soul

"Just imagine what would happen if practicing physicians, the ones who have come into contact directly with suffering humanity, had some acquaintance with Eastern systems of healing. The Spirit of the East surges through every pore as a balm for all afflictions."
– Carl Jung

Treatment Options and Process


The Fertile Soul MethodTM is a proprietary program that integrates the best of Western and Eastern medicine-based knowledge and practices to help you overcome the problem of infertility. Whether you are seeking an all-natural solution or pursuing assisted reproduction therapies (ART procedures), The Fertile Soul can help.

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The Fertile Soul MethodTM

The Fertile Soul MethodTM is a process developed by the work of Randine Lewis, utilizing, body, mind, and spirit processes to maximize your fertility and overcome any impediments to becoming pregnant.

"Fertility is one of our deepest energetic expressions. After survival energies, the expression of our fertility comes next. Yet, if our survival energies override our reproductive energies, the scales are tipped against nature. While all of our physiologic energies are being utilized to protect the old ways of being, the life force is not allowed to move into new expressions of possibility. The Fertile Soul Method helps settle down the fight or flight response and harmonize your energies so that the reproductive response can be accessed and expressed.."

No matter what your individual circumstances are, The Fertile Soul Method can help enhance your reproductive response.


Retreats and Online Seminars
Retreat is the primary means by which Dr. Lewis works directly with individuals to shift patterns which are not conductive to new growth into new ways of being that maximize the reproductive potential. This powerful process involves working directly and personally with Dr. Lewis and your retreat group to literally restructure your energies, and develop a life plan which will support these fertile patterns. NOW OFFERING ONLINE SEMINARS!

"Because of the insights I learned and the changes that occurred during the retreat process, I am grateful I wasn’t able to become pregnant earlier. I went to three retreats. I needed the depth of this work to become fertile and whole, and to become the mother I always knew I could be. My baby daughter thanks you for giving her the Mom she deserved to come to.."

Dr. Lewis works with many individuals who are concurrently undergoing medically assisted reproductive therapies to help increase their likelihood for success. During retreat we focus on lowering the physiologic response to stress, balancing your hormones, and increasing the reproductive organs’ response to hormones. We will work with any reproductive clinic to support you during your procedure.

"After four unsuccessful IVFs, I went through retreat, and had the best response ever to my next and last IVF. I am now pregnant for the first time at age 42. Thank you, Fertile Soul.."

When you have completed the retreat process, Dr. Lewis encourages you to seek out supportive care from one of her trained Continuing Excellence in Fertility Professionals. These CEFP members receive ongoing support and training from Dr. Lewis to help develop ongoing life patterns that will support the changes you have been through during retreat, and provide body, mind, and spiritual development through your fertility journey.

Individual Meetings

Dr. Lewis will meet with individuals who have completed the foundational retreat in a powerful one on one session where she will personally help hone and deepen the work begun during retreat.

"My personal retreat with Randine changed my life dramatically. I had deep patterns of fear and pain that didn’t respond to any other therapy. Randine’s wisdom, compassion, and faith in my ability to heal made all the difference. After three failed IVFs, I am now five months pregnant, naturally.."

Eastern Medicine Diagnosis & Treatment


All who work with The Fertile Soul consult with one of our staff licensed practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) who specialize in fertility. The consultation process, whether in person at one of Dr. Lewis' retreats or by phone , includes a full written and verbal intake of your medical, fertility and health histories, and an assessment of your physical presentation to the extent permitted by the program you have chosen – in particular, your complexion, tongue and pulses. The intake process also includes a Chinese Medicine five element profile.

Your TCM practitioner uses all information gathered through the intake process to prepare a Chinese Medicine diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan customized to your particular health picture. The treatment plan will support you with balancing your system, either on your own or working with a local acupuncturist, possibly a member of The Fertile Soul’s Clinical Excellence in Fertility Program. It includes an explanation of your diagnosis and objectives for your treatment program, a custom prescription for Chinese herbs that you may fill at a Chinese herbal pharmacy that we recommend or of your own choice. Your practitioner will suggest nutritional supplements that could be helpful in balancing your system. Finally, your treatment plan may include dietary and/or lifestyle modifications beneficial to addressing your particular imbalances.


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