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Conference Call with Dr. Randine Lewis – Sunday, May 24th @ 7pm EST

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

In scheduling the next conference call, I am reminded of an e-mail I received from a woman who lives on the opposite side of the globe. She has been unable to attend a retreat, and commented on how an exercise from a previous conference call (where I provided a snippet for the upcoming body wisdom retreat) was “soothing, but a little vague.” She wanted more specifics for dealing with an issue of safety and security. The fact is, in the words of a past retreat participant (age 41, now pregnant naturally): “nothing beats retreat.” I know of no other way to convey the experiential transformation that occurs during the retreat process. There is no instructional method that can shift obstructive energy patterns to those that are more life affirming.

Within the body there is a current of intelligent energy, a spark which not only gives life but maintains all of its vital functions. Our intention is to uncover this most essential foundation of your life, and live from it. It anchors you when you encounter challenges, or negative psychic loops, and guides you into and through pregnancy and motherhood.

The best I can do when I am not in somebody’s physical presence is to attempt to give them a feel of what the Chinese call “Shen” – the spirit of existence. And while it might be vague, I hope it can touch into the spirit in you.

One of the most challenging issues to deal with in fertility is implantation and autoimmunity. I just gave a talk on this subject during last weekend’s international symposium on integrative fertility in Vancouver, Ca. The reason this issue is confusing is because the body, in all of its wisdom, believes it is keeping the body safe and away from the danger it perceives a pregnancy may impose. The same energies that prevent pregnancy also allow it when the life affirming Shen leads the way. The only way to stop playing these negative loops is to go to their root and unhook them. This is not a mental process; it is energetic. It requires your full participation – body, mind, and spirit.

I understand the challenges involved to travel across the world to attend a retreat. But women do it all the time. No matter where you are in your journey or on the planet, I hope you will consider joining me for this life changing event.

Conference Call Instructions:

Call in number: (605) 475-4000
Participant code: 794774#

1. Please DON’T announce your name when you dial in – there will be many callers on the line and the conference call may have already begun.

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4. Please keep topics and questions during the discussion related to the specific call.

NEW! Onsite Retreat with Dr. Randine Lewis!!!

Thursday, May 7th, 2015
Sat, June 13th – Sun, June 14th
The Haywood Park Hotel – Asheville, NC

Our Body Wisdom retreat March 28th and 29th was what I consider a success. Within two days, we were able to create an environment where the wisdom of the body led the way. Using the innate energies of the five elements, we delved into the manifestation of issues which tend to obstruct the free flow of energy throughout the body/mind. When they were uncovered, the energy began to flow as the participants opened up to deeper levels of their own inner experience. And this directly impacts fertility: any obstruction in the energetic flow can interfere with hormonal receptivity. Whether one has been diagnosed with advanced maternal age, ovarian resistance, or is going through IVF, clear energetic flow is what determines whether or not it will “take.” Because of the success of this shorter retreat process, and because we have been asked when we will have more, we have added three new retreat dates to the calendar:

  • June 13 & 14 – Asheville, NC
  • August 8 & 9 *
  • October 10 & 11*
(*location TBD)

Held in the heart of downtown Asheville at the Haywood Park Hotel, rooms will go fast. Asheville is a tourist destination throughout the year, but especially during the summer months and leaf season (October), and visitors come to our scenic mountain city from around the world. We recommend reserving a hotel room as soon as possible to avoid last minute price increases or hotel sell-outs – consider reserving a hotel even before you commit to the retreat, if necessary.

We also have a nice momentum going on our Zenith Club. With one live webinar and one live support call each month, the members are adding to deep discussions on our members only site. While the members are encouraged to interact and support each other, I cannot resist offering ongoing  advice, bringing the discussion into ways that can elevate one’s outlook while going through the journey toward a more fertile life. For more information about fertility enhancement support through The Fertile Soul’s Zenith Club, click here:

Retreat instruction will include:
  • Learning the energetics of TFS body wisdom
  • Group work with self inquiries into psycho-emotionally held negative belief patterns
  • Movement and meditations to move beyond these limiting belief patterns
This powerful experiential process may be the most effective and loving act you have ever taken for yourself.  Break the bonds that have held you back from the loving embrace of your deepest inner knowing. Live, move, and be the expression of love for yourself.Have you ever felt the enlivened tingling of your whole body, telling you to “go for it!” and you hesitated out of fear – instead listening to programmed doubts and fears – “what would this mean; I can’t; if only I had the courage…” And then the feeling of resonance went away, leaving you only with the scar of regret…We will go into these scars of regret and unwrap their hidden truth.

Destiny is where your genetic code meet your environment as one tingling “YES” to life. Your body feels this sense as resonance and guides you toward its fulfillment. Learn to trust your body’s intuition. Let the wisdom of your body guide you toward better health. Learn to trust your inner embodied knowing and let it guide you toward better relationships, better parenting, more abundant professional expression; learn to live from the unencumbered trust that carries the embodied wisdom of your destiny.

Instead of following any particular diet, we will teach you to listen to what your body needs. This is very different than reacting based on your tastebuds messages that you need to be filled…
Instead of following any particular physical practice, we will teach you to trust and move the way our own unique individual expression longs to move… to unravel the obstructions to living and moving according to its truth.

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Live Conference Call with Dr. Lewis and Retreat Sale!!!

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Welcome in 2015 With New Hope


Join Dr. Lewis for a free New Year’s conference call
Sunday, January 4th, 2015, at 3:00 p.m. EST

This call will be for those who have attended retreat either live or online; if you would like to revive your fertility or present any issues – physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, Dr. Lewis will guide you through the process of identifying and overcoming any blockages you are experiencing.

If you haven’t yet attended retreat, you may register for our online “on demand” retreat. We are presently offering a holiday discount of $150 off on this two day retreat process, which you can attend from home at your leisure.

Retreat Registration Here:

Conference Call Instructions
Call in number: (605) 475-4000
Participant code: 794774#

1. Please DON’T announce your name when you dial in – there will be many callers on the line and theconference call may have already begun.
2. Immediately press *6 to MUTE your phone line (or use the Mute button on your phone) – this will prevent any unnecessary background noise and static on the line. You can press *5 to unmute your line once the call is opened up for discussion.
3. There are only 100 callers allowed on the call – make sure to call-in early to reserve your space.
4. Please keep topics and questions during the discussion related to the specific call.

Join Dr. Randine Lewis in Florida – April 25-28!

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Fertile Soul RetreatJacksonville, FL
April 25-28th
$250 off for Individuals
(use the code TFS250)

This retreat will be held at the newly renovated Hampton Inn Oceanfront – Jacksonville Beach, FL. Come and join Dr. Randine Lewis in beautiful and sunny Jacksonville Florida this April and leave your winter blues behind. Located on the white sandy beaches of Jacksonville, you’ll be sure to find some relaxation and rejuvenate on this destination get-a-way! Dr. Randine Lewis, author of the Infertility Cure, has helped thousands of women conceive, through her Fertile Soul retreat programming, both naturally and in partnership with reproductive medicine.

I am writing you bc I attended your retreat back in the spring of 2009.  I was in pure hell with RE & infertility.  I am compelled to share this back with you bc I know so many women are where I was then & I know you can help them.  I was told that I would never carry my own children and a long litany of other bunch of nonsense from one RE to the next.  I had my first child at 36, 11 months later a second, 2 years and 2 days later a THIRD! None of them through infertility treatments.
So I turned 40 and have had some hiccups with my cycle.  GYN says I am perimenopause & is pushing hormone pellets on me.  Went for a second opinion and I AM PREGNANT AGAIN! Hmm pretty big disparity between being pregnant & needing hormone replacement.
Please fellow Fertile Soul Sisters out there do not give up hope! M.

At the April Fertile Soul Retreat, you will spend over 20 hours with Dr. Lewis in lecture, movement and therapeutic group sessions. You will also have an in-depth Chinese medicine consultation on location and a nutrition and lifestyle consultation once home to support you in transitioning all that you learn into your daily life.  Your weekend retreat will end with a therapeutic acupuncture session with Dr. Lewis.
Payment plans are available at no additional cost.  For more details and to sign up please click here.


Monday, March 24th, 2014

I recently became a grandma. I don’t even know how to talk about this. My grandson isn’t even 1 year old yet. His little personality is only starting to emerge. The love I have for my daughter, his mother, now rests, magnified, on her son. It obviously isn’t that I love him more than her. I couldn’t love anyone more than I love her. But when you are one generation away, you don’t have these bonds of being attached, like you do to your children.

What you don’t like in yourself becomes an obstruction to fully relating with your children. My oldest daughter will be 32 this year. I had her when I was 21. All of the hopes and dreams I had for her from the day I found out I was pregnant became filtered by that which I couldn’t recognize in myself. I loved her more than I loved myself. That, I promise you, is not a statement to be proud of. I could not give her what I didn’t have. So the lack of ability to give her what I wanted to give her turned to guilt. I always thought I could do better, I knew I could do better. I had two more children, when I was 34 and 38. With each one I had the same experience, to a lesser degree. I loved them more than I loved myself.

You can never be the type of mother who is good enough for your children in your own judging eyes. These amazing, perfect beings are always far more deserving than any separate human being can measure up to. And I know I didn’t. I couldn’t measure up because I saw them as different from me.

All three of my children are out of the house now – one in boarding school, one in college, and one married with a family of her own.  So the role of caring for my children’s day-to-day needs is history.

I had the great pleasure of being present for the birth of my grandson. And I have never had a prouder moment in my life, than seeing my daughter being able to bring forth life; watching the power of life’s longing for itself come through her. Her labor was prolonged and difficult. Her husband was a great coach – strong and loving. They were an admirable team. And about 24 hours later, this perfect little boy entered the world.

I can honestly say that I don’t love him more than myself. I love him as myself; as an expression of the love that I am. Without dreams or aspirations, without wondering if I will measure up to the task of being his grandmother. Without wondering if his parents will measure up to the task of being his parents. I watch them being the perfect parents for him, loving themselves through each other, and through him. And I watch in awe, how Kahlil Gibran describes:

Their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

NEW! Connect with Dr. Randine Lewis Live on Tuesday, March 4th at 7pm EST

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014
Falling Pregnant:
The Fertile Soul Method vs. Western Reproductive Medicine:
Which Medical Approach is Best?

I consider it almost irrelevant to find the dividing line between natural treatment and medical intervention. Your body is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings, dietary intake, actions, and sleep patterns. Hormonal and ovarian output, as well, is a manifestation of your lifestyle. Therefore, what you do to enhance your lifestyle, will invariably impact the overall health of your body. If you live in such a way that enhances your wellbeing and vitality, it reveals itself in a harmonious endocrine and gynecological environment.

Yet, if there have been patterns of imbalance along the way that have left you with medical diagnoses that might impact ovulation or implantation, there may be some confusion as to how to address them. Many people get stuck here: do you treat it naturally – change your diet, lifestyle, go to acupuncture, take herbs, consult naturopathic medicine, etc., OR do you opt for a visit to the reproductive endocrinologist?

And, because of the advancing clock, they are most afraid of not doing anything, and act from fear, jumping into medical intervention without addressing the most obvious, natural course. Why not do both?

Most of the people who come to retreat or meet with me individually arrive at the place where there is no conflict. They adopt certain lifestyle modifications, stress reduction, dietary adjustments, and natural supplements, as they calmly look into whether or not medical testing or intervention is necessary. This tends to breed much less fear, resulting in hormonal balance and better ovarian output.

I work with women who are concurrently undergoing diagnostic methods or treatments from mini-IVF to pharmaceutical IVF, donor IVF, or are using gestational carriers. They do not throw out their natural, balanced approach while purchasing interventional methods. One improves overall health and well-being; one does not. One is meant to be a short-term procedure; the other is not.

When you broaden your approach to your reproductive care rather than narrow it, your options tend to open up.

Looking forward to connecting with you all on March 4th,


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4. Please keep topics and questions during the discussion related to the specific call.

Connect with Dr. Randine Lewis Live on Monday January 27th at 7pm EST

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014
Staying Focused on the Journey:
Following A Heart-felt Path

Every time the longing for a child surfaced in me, it brought forth a feeling of joy and passion, like a secret treasure of hope emerging from the depths of my heart.  Yet, it was so easy to lose the heart-felt joy and sense of “rightness” when the journey didn’t seem to be taking me where I wanted it to. Month after month of negative pregnancy tests, anovulatory cycles, and the frustrating symptoms of hormonal imbalance turned the joy into sorrow, and rightness into downright anger. My mind led the desperate search for answers as I was brought deeper and deeper into the realm of “It’s not f*(%@ working!” As my mind remained in control, the more my emotions vacillated between hope and despair.  If I couldn’t figure it out, maybe the doctors could. They couldn’t – they could only offer intervention. What?! You can’t tell me what’s wrong, but you can offer me a drug anyway? That makes no sense!

It wasn’t until I was brought into a state of surrender that my mind gave up and my heart started to lead the way; first back to me. Then to a child.

The journey toward parenthood can and should be a pathway of love and joy, free of fear or ambition. Ask yourself, right now, before you start thinking: Is there enough joy in your life? This may require deep and scrutinizing self-honesty. And to answer this question truthfully, you cannot lay the burden or your happiness on whether or not you get pregnant. Ask your question of your heart, not your mind. With or without a child, right now, is there enough joy in your life? Yes or no?

If the answer is yes, congratulations. You are on the right path. If, however, the answer is no, which I suspect for most of you it is, ask yourself what brings you joy?

This is not a selfish question; for when your heart is filled with joy, it opens, and its energy flows outward, spreading love and joy throughout your life. Harmony returns, and balance is restored, chemically and hormonally.

When you have a decision to make, ask yourself, “Does this direction/path strengthen my heart?” And intuitively attend to the embodied feeling of presence in your own heart. There is an unmistakeable sense of rightness that comes from following the current of truth that flows through your heart.

If the answer comes with justification, more questions, ifs ands or buts, it is coming from your head. If the answer has a heart-felt feeling of rightness, it means yes. If the embodied feeling is closed off and contracted, the answer is no. It is that simple.  The journey toward more peace, joy, and love is always a path of heart. If you want control and assurances, this path isn’t for you. But if you want to live a miraculous life of untold bounty, you may be asked to sacrifice control for moving into the unknown. Only then can you experience the incalculable riches that life has in store for you.

Looking forward to connecting with you all on the 27th,

Randine Lewis, MSOM, Ph.D., L.Ac.
To join in dial 605-475-4000 then access code 794774#

Those calling from Canada should call 805-360-1075
and then you will be prompted to enter the original
number and access code.

1. Please DON’T announce your name when you dial in – there will be many callers on the line and theconference call may have already begun.
2. Immediately press *6 to MUTE your phone line (or use the Mute button on your phone) – this will prevent any unnecessary background noise and static on the line. You can press *5 to unmute your line once the call is opened up for discussion.
3. There are only 100 callers allowed on the call – make sure to call-in early to reserve your space.
4. Please keep topics and questions during the discussion related to the specific call

Do GMOs Effect our Qi?

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Qi is the vital life force of life. Without qi there is no warmth, no animation, no breath, no heartbeat, no life. Although there are more divisions, for simplicity sake we can divide the vital life force into three major categories: original qi, nutritive qi, and protective qi.

Original qi is the primary energy necessary to give and sustain life.  It is the basis of kidney qi, and makes up the entire yin and yang functions of the body. It gives rise to the reproductive and primary organ functions. Once this original qi combines with the energy we receive from food and breath, it is refined into two other functional categories: nutritive qi, and protective qi. Nutritive qi is similar to blood, and circulates through the meridians, feeding and nourishing the internal organs. Protective qi is a little more surface, traveling throughout the skin, muscles, and mucous membranes, keeping us protected from the outside world.

Although they all function together as a whole:

Original qi is essential to core functions and reproduction.

Nutritive qi is crucial for nutritient and qi delivery throughout the internal organs.

Protective qi defends us from external influences and pathogenic factors.

We could say that the nutritive qi is the pivot between the original and protective qi.

Now that you have had this basic introduction in the vital life force, let’s introduce the topic of genetically modified foods like most of the corn and soy on the market. In making the plant hardier, it is genetically engineered to have greater protective effects against pests, and a greater ability to withstand the effects of pesticides. In other words, it strengthens its protective qi. These genetically modified plants, however, are no longer able to reproduce. So farmers have to purchase new seeds with the capacity to seed.

When we view this scenario through an energetic lens, we can ask what energetic function is being disrupted. In this situation, the genetically modified plant has sacrificed its original qi for extra protective qi, while retaining the ability to provide its nutritive function. Because of this, the Department of Agriculture gave GMOs their stamp of approval. Laboratory animals seemed healthy and without any untoward effects after 90 days on GMO diets.

However, four, six, 18 months later, the laboratory animals had challenges reproducing, developed alterations in their ability to suppress tumors, and developed overactive immune systems.  Similarly, many of our reproductive issues stem from alterations in our environment. Pesticides, pollutants, and dietary toxins all contribute to ovarian failure, poor sperm production, PCOS, autoimmune infertility, implantation failure, endometriosis, and fibroids.

What can you do? The spleen qi diet asks you to avoid sugar, refined carbohydrates (especially wheat), and dairy. Add corn and soy that have not been labeled “non-GMO” to this list. Eat organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and non-GMO grains as much as possible. Try to avoid farm raised fish and animals that have been fed GMO grains as well. While it may sound daunting, this type of eating plan reduces the likelihood of infertility, inflammatory processes, diabetes, and cancer.

The Spirit of Emergence

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014
The Spirit of Emergence:
New Years Resolutions and The Wood Horse

by Randine Lewis

In Chinese astrology, the next new moon will move from the year of the water snake to the year of the wood horse, representing new beginnings, growth, and emergence. The spiritedness of the horse demands respect, not force; love, not fear. We will continue this theme in our February retreat.

How are your New Years resolutions going? I know – it’s only been a week, so chances are they are still strong. Maybe you’ve vowed to stay on the spleen qi diet and are carefully avoiding sugar, refined carbohydrates, gluten, and dairy products. Good for you. Perhaps you have resolved to focus your efforts more intently on baby making, reducing stressful work obligations in preference to more enjoyable and life enhancing pursuits. Great!

Eat better; sleep more; play more; stress less; more sex; less TV; walk everyday; quit drinking coffee; find a new church; no more wine; put more intention into how to get pregnant. Add whatever you want to the list; manifesting can be a powerful tool. It’s an art, really. Whatever you really set your mind to, you can accomplish. Chances are you’ve done it all your life.  Apply yourself at school and you are rewarded with a good education. Apply yourself on the job and you are rewarded with a good paycheck. Apply yourself to the dating scene and chances are you’ll end up with a partner. The New Year brings about new hope, new possibility, and a chance to do things differently this year.

My guess is this is not your first time around making resolutions on the baby scene. And maybe your resolve is wearing thin. Will it work this year? What has been done wrong? What needs to be done better? And the effort mounts, only to leave you where you were last January.

Why don’t the efforts of intention work so well when it comes to pregnancy? When the power of manifestation moves from an activity geared toward what you don’t have to an effortless art within the flow of your life as it is. The art of creation involves a feeling in your heart – the same quiet urge that longs to bring forth life. It is silent and non-demanding. The mind interprets this deep longing as something missing – and goes about in mad pursuit of it. That’s the problem when it comes to creation – the mind’s interpretation. When you are in pursuit of a job or more money, that usually isn’t problematic, because a stressed body goes right along with getting what you don’t have. But the opposite is true when you wish to bring forth life. When the mind grabs hold of this desire it puts the body into a state of fighting for what it wants; and stress hormones prevent its receptivity.

Go back to the feeling in your heart. Feel its presence. Be with it. Tend to it. Be grateful for it. Have confidence that it isn’t there by mistake. Feel it in every moment of every day – prior to any activity that you undertake in pursuit of it. Trust it. Look at any conflict that arises in the mind (which will then be manifest in the body), which puts you in a state of stress.

The last element to this successful art is getting back into the flow of your life, as it is, with indifference to how this desire will be made manifest. Do not give your attention to your mind’s imaginings – you do not need to concern yourself with how, or when. No need to think about babies or pregnancies or have dreams of toddlers dancing in your head. The Chinese character for Intention belongs to the soul, and it means resonance with the heart. If what is true within your heart is rooted within your “jing” or essence, your life becomes a walking magnet of intention. If it is not rooted within the jing, it will fly off, leaving you bereft. Jing Shu means, If you have to defend what you believe, it is not in your heart. Remember – respect, not force; love, not fear. Do not break your spirit trying to control the life force. Become aligned with it.

So, eat well. Rest well. Play more, work less. Make the rest of your life how you want it to be. And attend to the origin of life, which resides in the heart. Trust it with assurance, and let go of everything else. Be prepared to meet your life as it is, fully, and do all that is required of you as the granting of your desire unfolds. Trust this feeling in your heart and become its instrument. It is not there by mistake.

Please contact us at with any questions and sign up here for our February retreat. If you would like to take advantage of our payment plan please select it at the checkout.

With love and blessings,



Monday, December 9th, 2013

Who doesn’t love a good competition – whether it be a ballgame, quest for expertise, or to have a physical edge? We have been conditioned to be in pursuit of excellence, and to admire achievement in ourselves and others. This is the stuff the modern world is made of. And it has its roots deep throughout history: War games, hunting parties, territorial superiority – competition is in our blood and DNA. Leaders were chosen for their physical prowess, and their ability to overcome an opponent.

Although I loved to play this masculine game in worldly affairs, it was not native to my makeup. I never liked group sports because competition wasn’t very strong in my nature. But I learned to compete in areas where I could excel, namely academic, and worked my way up to medicine. I learned to put on the edge physically, and took up running and working out. I tried to polish the exterior to perhaps look just a bit better than the girls I was hanging out with.

Have you ever noticed when you are in pursuit of a goal or in competition how your adrenaline flows? The stress hormones course throughout your system to keep you on edge. This is a great testosterone booster, but can absolutely destroy a woman’s receptivity. Competition and goal setting are not estrogen-dominated games. In fact, the goal of a child is counter to our fertility. My last conception, the most challenging one, occurred not the month that I got everything right, but when everything had gone wrong.

When I was in medical school, my most challenging class was pathology. I usually made high B’s on my exams. The best grade I ever got, however, was on a test I planned to “toss out” because I had a migraine headache the night before and was unable to study for the exam. I was given a pill that knocked me out, and woke up just in time to make it for class, unprepared and unstudied. I was not on my edge, I was not in competitive mode, I was in “Oh well, this won’t count” mode.  I took the exam in minutes, and found out I had aced it.

There is another way to open up to what we want most, and that is to let go and become receptive. This is not an effort-based game. Effort is a sign of conflict between incompatible desires. Every time we are in pursuit of something, fear of not achieving it is equally strong, contracting access to our creative powers within. It can push us into conquering the world, but we don’t conquer the source of life we carry. We open up to it, leave it alone, and let it flow.