Conference Call with Dr. Randine Lewis – Sunday, May 24th @ 7pm EST

In scheduling the next conference call, I am reminded of an e-mail I received from a woman who lives on the opposite side of the globe. She has been unable to attend a retreat, and commented on how an exercise from a previous conference call (where I provided a snippet for the upcoming body wisdom retreat) was “soothing, but a little vague.” She wanted more specifics for dealing with an issue of safety and security. The fact is, in the words of a past retreat participant (age 41, now pregnant naturally): “nothing beats retreat.” I know of no other way to convey the experiential transformation that occurs during the retreat process. There is no instructional method that can shift obstructive energy patterns to those that are more life affirming.

Within the body there is a current of intelligent energy, a spark which not only gives life but maintains all of its vital functions. Our intention is to uncover this most essential foundation of your life, and live from it. It anchors you when you encounter challenges, or negative psychic loops, and guides you into and through pregnancy and motherhood.

The best I can do when I am not in somebody’s physical presence is to attempt to give them a feel of what the Chinese call “Shen” – the spirit of existence. And while it might be vague, I hope it can touch into the spirit in you.

One of the most challenging issues to deal with in fertility is implantation and autoimmunity. I just gave a talk on this subject during last weekend’s international symposium on integrative fertility in Vancouver, Ca. The reason this issue is confusing is because the body, in all of its wisdom, believes it is keeping the body safe and away from the danger it perceives a pregnancy may impose. The same energies that prevent pregnancy also allow it when the life affirming Shen leads the way. The only way to stop playing these negative loops is to go to their root and unhook them. This is not a mental process; it is energetic. It requires your full participation – body, mind, and spirit.

I understand the challenges involved to travel across the world to attend a retreat. But women do it all the time. No matter where you are in your journey or on the planet, I hope you will consider joining me for this life changing event.

Conference Call Instructions:

Call in number: (605) 475-4000
Participant code: 794774#

1. Please DON’T announce your name when you dial in – there will be many callers on the line and the conference call may have already begun.

2. Immediately press *6 to MUTE your phone line (or use the Mute button on your phone) – this will prevent any unnecessary background noise and static on the line. You can press *5 to unmute your line once the call is opened up for discussion.

3. There are only 50 callers allowed on the call – make sure to call-in early to reserve your space.

4. Please keep topics and questions during the discussion related to the specific call.

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