NEW! Onsite Retreat with Dr. Randine Lewis!!!

Sat, June 13th – Sun, June 14th
The Haywood Park Hotel – Asheville, NC

Our Body Wisdom retreat March 28th and 29th was what I consider a success. Within two days, we were able to create an environment where the wisdom of the body led the way. Using the innate energies of the five elements, we delved into the manifestation of issues which tend to obstruct the free flow of energy throughout the body/mind. When they were uncovered, the energy began to flow as the participants opened up to deeper levels of their own inner experience. And this directly impacts fertility: any obstruction in the energetic flow can interfere with hormonal receptivity. Whether one has been diagnosed with advanced maternal age, ovarian resistance, or is going through IVF, clear energetic flow is what determines whether or not it will “take.” Because of the success of this shorter retreat process, and because we have been asked when we will have more, we have added three new retreat dates to the calendar:

  • June 13 & 14 – Asheville, NC
  • August 8 & 9 *
  • October 10 & 11*
(*location TBD)

Held in the heart of downtown Asheville at the Haywood Park Hotel, rooms will go fast. Asheville is a tourist destination throughout the year, but especially during the summer months and leaf season (October), and visitors come to our scenic mountain city from around the world. We recommend reserving a hotel room as soon as possible to avoid last minute price increases or hotel sell-outs – consider reserving a hotel even before you commit to the retreat, if necessary.

We also have a nice momentum going on our Zenith Club. With one live webinar and one live support call each month, the members are adding to deep discussions on our members only site. While the members are encouraged to interact and support each other, I cannot resist offering ongoing  advice, bringing the discussion into ways that can elevate one’s outlook while going through the journey toward a more fertile life. For more information about fertility enhancement support through The Fertile Soul’s Zenith Club, click here:

Retreat instruction will include:
  • Learning the energetics of TFS body wisdom
  • Group work with self inquiries into psycho-emotionally held negative belief patterns
  • Movement and meditations to move beyond these limiting belief patterns
This powerful experiential process may be the most effective and loving act you have ever taken for yourself.  Break the bonds that have held you back from the loving embrace of your deepest inner knowing. Live, move, and be the expression of love for yourself.Have you ever felt the enlivened tingling of your whole body, telling you to “go for it!” and you hesitated out of fear – instead listening to programmed doubts and fears – “what would this mean; I can’t; if only I had the courage…” And then the feeling of resonance went away, leaving you only with the scar of regret…We will go into these scars of regret and unwrap their hidden truth.

Destiny is where your genetic code meet your environment as one tingling “YES” to life. Your body feels this sense as resonance and guides you toward its fulfillment. Learn to trust your body’s intuition. Let the wisdom of your body guide you toward better health. Learn to trust your inner embodied knowing and let it guide you toward better relationships, better parenting, more abundant professional expression; learn to live from the unencumbered trust that carries the embodied wisdom of your destiny.

Instead of following any particular diet, we will teach you to listen to what your body needs. This is very different than reacting based on your tastebuds messages that you need to be filled…
Instead of following any particular physical practice, we will teach you to trust and move the way our own unique individual expression longs to move… to unravel the obstructions to living and moving according to its truth.

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