Live Conference Call with Dr. Randine Lewis

February 22nd @ 3:00pm EST

February 19 heralds in the 4712th Chinese New Year – the Year of the wooden (green) sheep (or goat.) This is a very fertile sign. Green pertains to the wood element – indicating new growth, like a green sprout emerging through the ground, or the green leafy branches reaching toward the sun. The wood element governs transitions, the liver, and the metabolism of hormones. A healthy wood element thrives by flowing with whatever transitions come along, and is inhibited by resisting changes. Think of a tall, green bamboo plant – freely moving along with gale force winds, returning easily to its state of stillness when the wind passes. The more one is able to flow with life, the healthier ones wood element, liver, and the resulting harmony of the hormonal system.

Sheep are mostly domestic herbivores. They are not the fiercest of animals, nor the hardest workers. They are contented to forage for whatever grass is available. They are friendly, and not prone to worry.

As we look toward the new year, how contented are you? How much do you resist change? How much do you worry? Especially during the spring time, practice being flexible like green wood, or contented like the sheep.

If you are challenged by wood issues and have liver qi stagnation or hormonal elevations, drink peppermint or milk thistle tea to help balance hormones. Eat leafy green vegetables and sprouts, all good for the liver. Practice flowing qi gong movements.

To usher in the New Year, The Fertile Soul has some new offerings to share as well. Our spring retreat will be held March 28-29 at the Haywood Park Hotel in downtown Asheville, NC. We will discuss this offerings details, as well as our new TFS Zenith Club and Nutrition Webinar on this call. Check out our website for more information on these exciting new events!

Conference Call Instructions:

Call in number: (605) 475-4000
Participant code: 794774#

1. Please DON’T announce your name when you dial in – there will be many callers on the line and theconference call may have already begun.
2. Immediately press *6 to MUTE your phone line (or use the Mute button on your phone) – this will prevent any unnecessary background noise and static on the line. You can press *5 to unmute your line once the call is opened up for discussion.
3. There are only 100 callers allowed on the call – make sure to call-in early to reserve your space.
4. Please keep topics and questions during the discussion related to the specific call

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