Professionals: LIVE WEBINAR with Dr. Randine Lewis – May 17-18

Addressing Fertility Issues in Women of

Advanced Maternal Age

Early Registration Sale Thru Friday (5/9) – Save $50

May 17 & May 18

Will focus on the nuances in addressing advanced maternal age; why including some of the more esoteric branches of TCM, and Taoist healing processes are more effective than strict physical approaches such as the esoteric aspects of the eight extraordinary meridians

1. To broaden and deepen your understanding of why women in their later reproductive years require a different approach than their younger counterparts;
2. How to interface deep healing processes with reproductive medicine;
3. Working with the esoteric aspects of the eight extraordinary meridians, with special emphasis on the Chong Mai

Course Outline:

The TCM Energetic Look at the Reproductive System; Differences between a younger woman’s fertility cycle and a woman in her later reproductive years; A Classical Approach to the Jing-Shen Axis through the Chong Mai Bell Curve of Aging – according to the Su Wen

Western Medicine Assessment of Reproductive Function; the process of folliculogenesis, fertilization, implantation, and early embryology; an Energetic Look at each of the parameters of ovarian aging; changes in the HPO Axis from menarche through menopause; Interfacing with Western reproductive medicine

Differences between the energetics of the endocrine system (forward sheng cycle), and the gynecological system (reverse sheng cycle); dealing with Western diagnoses through a TCM approach

Psychospiritual issues associated with the reproductive system and how shen takes form as jing; A Shen based approach to reproductive aging – how to maximize the jing-shen relationship with particular focus on the shen

Esoterics of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians; Utilizing Issues of the Du, Ren, Chong, Dai, Qiao and Wei Mai to overcome impediments to reproductive healing TCM Theory and Acupuncture

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