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“Manifesting Your Destiny”

The longing for a child has arisen in you. Have you ever investigated its power, its source, its life within you? When we are in harmony with this desire, we are also in harmony with its power. When we are out of harmony with it, it cannot come through. We tend to get lost in the obstructions and focus on “What’s wrong?” rather than on the power of the longing itself. It can remove obstructions to its expressions, but your external efforts cannot. I will work with the August retreat participants in maximizing the power of this longing’s ability to manifest itself through you. August is a powerful month; in Chinese numerology eight represents abundance and fulfillment. Eight days after the eighth full moon, Life’s longing for itself begins the process in the spawning of the coral reefs.

Eight also is signified in the eight extraordinary meridians that hold and circulate the essence of our life potential. Eight winds carry the eight transformational energies that manifest through the body/mind. We will work with these energies in maximizing fertility and overcoming the obstructions to its expression.

I hope you will join us in Asheville, NC August 16th for this powerful retreat process. I will also provide a call for new and returning retreat participants Saturday August 10th at 8 p.m. EST.

Randine Lewis, MSOM, Ph.D., L.Ac.


To join in dial 605-475-4000 then access code 794774#.

Those calling from Canada should call 805-360-1075

and then you will be prompted to enter the original

number and access code.

1. Please DON’T announce your name when you dial in – there will be many callers on the line and theconference call may have already begun.

2. Immediately press *6 to MUTE your phone line (or use the Mute button on your phone) – this will prevent any unnecessary background noise and static on the line. You can press *5 to unmute your line once the call is opened up for discussion.

3. There are only 100 callers allowed on the call – make sure to call-in early to reserve your space.

4. Please keep topics and questions during the discussion related to the specific call.

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