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This Week’s Special Offer!!!

Monday, November 18th, 2013

The Fertile Soul December Retreat with Dr. Randine Lewis

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Dr. Randine Lewis, author of the Infertility Cure, has helped thousands of women conceive, through her Fertile Soul retreat programming, both naturally and in partnership with reproductive medicine. This month, bring a friend and SAVE! Friends can attend for the same rate as couples – offering 20% off retreat tuition for two!

After 8 failed IVF’s, I felt hopeless.  No doctor believed I would ever conceive and especially not with my own eggs.  At a friend’s recommendation, I attended the Fertile Soul Retreat and followed Randine’s 90 day program.  I conceived naturally.  My doctor’s were stunned.  Now having my second baby, I understand the importance of rebalancing the body prior to conception.  I only wish I had found the Fertile Soul retreats before spending my emotional and financial resources on Western Medicine.  I am so grateful to have two healthy beautiful babies.

At December’s Fertile Soul retreat, you will spend over 20 hours with Dr. Lewis in lecture, movement and group therapy.  You will also have an in-depth Chinese medicine consultation on location and a nutrition and lifestyle consultation once home to support you in transitioning all that you learn into your daily life.  Your weekend retreat will end with a therapeutic acupuncture session with Dr. Lewis. Payment plans are available at no additional cost.  For more details and to sign up please click here.

The Three Treasures

Monday, November 11th, 2013

The one spirit gives rise to two primary divisions – yin and yang; which give rise to the three treasures, the basic building blocks of all of life – Jing, Qi, and Shen; or Essence, Energy, and Spirit. All manifestations of creation require the interaction of these three treasures. We can think of these energetic divisions as:

Creation (Jing) -> Reflection or Interaction (Qi) -> Return or Dissolution (Shen); which must be in harmony in order for life to function optimally.

Growth must be controlled and opposed, or we develop pathologic states like cancer or deformities. Developing tissue must be up-regulated or down-regulated. Without the ovarian hormone AMH, women would be prone to carrying litters. In the developing embryo, growth of the cells between the fingers and toes are down-regulated, resulting in digital separation. All cells begin with Jing, interact through Qi, and dissolve back into Shen.

Oftentimes, when women are trying to conceive, they usually are asking for more Jing, while ignoring the Qi and Shen aspects of the equation. Unopposed Jing, however, is not more likely to produce babies, but pathological states which are detrimental to our health and wellbeing. Yet, when we can examine how the Jing circulates, interacts, and returns, we have greater access to our Jing stores.

Medical research shows us that ovulation dysfunction that results in fertility challenges increases the likelihood for cancer. Chinese medicine could translate this fact by stating that when Jing is held back, bound, or inaccessible, its Qi can’t interact properly and has the likelihood to express pathology rather than creative potential.

We could say that Jing’s biological imperative is to determine whether it should be expressed or held back. Qi’s imperative is also a balance between conservation or interaction, and Shen’s imperative is simply to accept the return back to its origin.

How much energy are you giving to creation, reflection, interaction, and return? Are you demanding too much of your Jing? Depleting your Qi in your worldly interactions? Do you give yourself enough time for reflection, and evaluation? And do you allow the dissolution of those actions in life which do not promote your own wellbeing?