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*NEW Guided Meditation with Dr. Randine Lewis

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Resetting the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Ovarian Axis
Utilizing the Microcosmic Orbit & Stress Reduction Meditation

by Randine Lewis
Background Music by Pat Clemens

The entire reproductive system operates via a state of relaxed receptivity. Usually, however, during our waking state, we occupy a more clenched internal state, which does not allow our reproductive energies to flow freely. It all begins at the hypothalamus. In this 46 minute meditation set to the soothing music of Pat Clements, Dr. Lewis guides you through an inner body process which allows the hypothalamic pituitary ovarian axis to reset itself from a state of resistance and stress to open receptivity. This meditation may be utilized throughout the entire menstrual cycle, and during medically assisted reproductive procedures.

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What are you committed to?

Monday, November 28th, 2011

One of my teachers emphasized the universal truth that our life situation is determined by what we are committed to. Before I expand, I’ll ask the question he asked me: Where is your allegiance?

Before you answer, look at your life situation, as it is right now. It shows you where your allegiance is, as well as what you are committed to.

It has always amazed me to see what people think they are committed to, and what they are actually committed to.

Obviously, I host retreats because of the intensity of the healing power that happens there. Because of that, I only meet individually with people after they have attended retreats. I demand commitment before I commit myself to anyone else’s healing process. I am presently working with three couples from other countries – one from Russia – now pregnant,; one from Greece – now pregnant; and one from Central America that is getting ready to go through an IVF. They each have adjusted their entire worlds to this program.

At the same time, I talk to people who say, “I’ll go to retreat when you come to my area,” or “I can’t go right now, because I’m getting ready to do another IVF,” when nothing in their lives have changed. We all know that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

Are you committed to what’s wrong with you or what’s right with you? Are you giving your allegiance to your labs or the healing potential within you? Are you committed to what you think medical technology has to offer you, or to your very self, where the real changes occur?

Again, look at your life situation, as it is right now. That’s your answer. I believe life meets us where we our, with the intensity of our devotion to what it is we want most. Life does not, however, give us the object of our desires, but creates an opening for its energetic expression. If we are focused on the object, we remain focused externally, and nothing internally can change. If we can learn to move out of our obsession with the object and into the healing potential within, life can meet us there, and create an opening.

You’ve all heard me talk about the miracle births – from FSH values over 100 to AMH values of 0; severe implantation and immunologic difficulties, uterine and ovarian issues… these aren’t any more miraculous than anything you are presently experiencing. The true healing process requires a commitment and devotion to self that will require you to put yourself and your own healing potential ahead of everything else in your life.

If you remain committed to maintaining the status quo in your life, you will continue to receive more of what you have. If you are looking for a miracle, give yourself totally to that place within where miracles occur.

Manifesting Your Highest Desires, Part 2

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Objects of desire are often egoic demands. While they may be made manifest, the momentary satisfaction will only become the next unfulfilled desire. When it is fulfilled, you will only temporarily relieve the desire; it will almost assuredly be replaced by another demand for another object, leaving you more unfulfilled than if you never received the first request.

Unfulfilled desires (and the resulting anger) cause the liver energies to stagnate, taking us out of the flow of life, externally and internally. This resistance becomes blocked energy, which locks it in place. When our energies no longer flow with life as it is, we have stepped out of harmony with all of life. We cannot resume a successful quest until we let go of our demands and resistance.

Our lowest energies are fear-based. Fear of not getting our desires satisfied begets more of the same, and depletes our kidney energies in the process. When our unfulfilled desires feed worry and panic, we are operating from our lowest level of expression. The laws of the universe ensure that we are not given more than our present state of vibration is capable of receiving. Until we let go of the fear of not having our desires fulfilled, we are limiting how the universe can execute our request.

Instructions for Manifesting:

Step 1) Ask what it is you want most. Ask anew each time; allowing it to change. Imagine the feeling you think you will achieve when you get what it is you want most. Hold this feeling in your heart. Put yourself in harmony with this feeling, and with all of life, as it is.

Step 2) Ask how you are preventing yourself from opening up to receive this desire. Questions such as:
– How are you causing struggle for yourself?
– What are you putting up with that is in opposition to this desire?

Step 3) Face the fear of releasing all you are in opposition to.
Face the fear of not getting your desire fulfilled.

Step 4) Open up to receive.

Step 5) Trust that the universe will give you exactly what you need most, while you let go of how.

Now go about your life. You don’t have to check up on it. You and life are not different. When you are in harmony with this fact, you don’t need to fight or struggle in order to get your needs met. Life will come in and meet your highest vibratory level, that of opening up and trusting. You can’t see the whole picture. The grand view always has the greatest good of all in its heart. You are a part of that, and it always has your highest interest at heart, too. Practice gratitude for that fact. You will be amazed.

Manifesting Your Highest Desires, Part I

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Whatever it is you want most, you will get.

However, what you want most is not necessarily what the conscious mind thinks you want most. Egoic demands are at odds with the universe’s ability to fulfill them. Imagine if everyone in the world got what they thought they wanted – life would be far more chaotic than it seems now.

I remember when I was eight years old, I wanted a monkey more than anything else I had ever wanted. If anyone was to ask me why I wanted a monkey, I just absolutely knew if I had a monkey as a pet, life would be more fun, I wouldn’t be lonely anymore, I wouldn’t feel the pain I felt inside, and I would be happy. No one could talk me out of it. I thought there was a possibility I would get this monkey on my birthday, but no. I got great presents, but a monkey wasn’t one of them. And I cried; partly because I was so disappointed and heartbroken, but also because I was so ashamed that I couldn’t appreciate my special day and gifts because of my sorrow.

Forty some years later, I can laugh at the silliness of my childish desires, and can compound the example with hundreds of other times when the universe, thankfully, did not give me what I thought I wanted most. I can look back and see, however, that it always gave me what I needed (i.e., what I wanted most.) In fact, every time, life seemed to maneuver itself to give me precisely what it was I most needed.

If I thought I must be with a particular guy in order to be happy, and he wasn’t right for me, circumstances would ensure we would not end up being together. This was not easy to swallow for a master manipulator like me. I would do everything within my power to land what I thought I wanted. Sometimes it seemed to work. Other times it didn’t. I held on to the times that it worked, and felt like it was me that was making my dreams come true. Untrue.

What was true was this – if I was in harmony with what life’s greatest gifts were for me, they would manifest. If I was not, they would not. It is that simple. What I want most I get when I am in harmony with the flow of life.

When desires are based solely on the “I want” mentality, we are like grasping little hands, keeping our palms from being filled by closing our fists to all life has to offer us. If this mind stream were given words, it would sound something like this: “I don’t want what is; I want something else. When I get it, I will be happy.” This mentality will ensure that the universe will not fill your grasping demand, because you have just energetically told it, “I reject my life as it is.” When we resist life, we enter into a psychological and physiological and struggle with it.