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In countries where women don’t know age is a fertility issue, it isn’t.

Friday, April 15th, 2011

In countries where women don’t know age is a fertility issue, it isn’t.
Certainly as we age, there are changes in the hypothalamic pituitary ovarian axis. There are changes in the biopotency of the FSH molecule. Women don’t
respond as well to FSH drugs, and therefore IVF. However, they can and do become pregnant in their forties (more often naturally) when the bodies attention can be turned back to the healthy functioning of the ovaries, and hypothalamus.

The primordial follicles within the ovary do not age. They do not undergo any changes until they start to communicate with the emotional, mental, and
physical state of the rest of the body. The primary determinant of hypothalamic functioning is the emotional response to your environment. Is your world peaceful, open to new life, conducive to bringing forth fresh, creative new energy? Or is it stressed by your world, your outlook, your job, and your frustration over your age?

The follicles respond to the state of the hypothalamus, which translates it’s chemical message to hormonal messages, which are then received by the ovary, which tells the follicle how to grow, how it’s chromosomes should align, and if and when the ovary should release it’s egg for potential fertilization.

The wisdom of your body does not want you pregnant if it perceives poor blood flow to your ovaries (reduced during stress), hormonal imbalances (from a stressed endocrine system), reduced nutritional status, or an internal inflammatory processes that keeps the body in a state of reactivity.

Although you can’t do anything about your biological age, there are many things that can improve your reproductive age.

– Avoid sugar, refined carbohydrates, and cow’s milk.
– Make sure you get enough sleep each night, so you don’t have to rely on coffee to energize you to meet the demands of the day.
– Perform the femoral massage to increase blood flow to the ovaries.
– Receive electroacupuncture to the low back (optimally twice) before ovulation, during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle.
– Take Chinese herbs to to tonify your specific deficiencies or resolve obstructions.
– Make sure you are receiving adequate intake of antioxidants, which improve follicular fluid.
– Try tonics like wheat grass, royal jelly or DHEA.
– Perform exercises that make you feel good, and invigorate you. Walk in nature. Dance. Laugh and play.
– Find creative outlets that bring you into harmony with life.
– Reduce work, relational, or situational stressors if you can.
– If you can’t, try meditation, yoga or qi gong to reduce your response to stress.
– Listen to your internal wisdom more than outside authorities about what age is too old.

This particular authority has seen women in their late forties conceive, when they follow The Fertile Soul method for improving reproductive
function. See if you can be one of them.

The Nocebo Effect

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Everybody is aware of the placebo effect. The mind has an amazing ability to cause the body to heal when we feel hope. When we feel positive about our situation, our body responds positively. It lowers stress hormones, releases endorphins, improves blood flow, and outlook.

During a clinical trial, scientists don’t want the placebo effect to influence the outcome, as they can’t tell if it was the drug that helped or the mind that helped the patient improve her state of health. Yet, the powerful placebo effect remains. When there is hope in the mind, the body moves toward possibility. When there is no hope, the body feels and reacts to stress, raises cortisol, lowers the release of “feel good” chemicals, the cells become less responsive, and the body moves toward the physical response to no hope, which is disease. This is known as the nocebo effect, and is just as powerful as the placebo effect. When your doctor tells you your fertility status is dismal, he is only commenting on the ability of their drugs and procedures, not on the state of your own potential. When you internalize his prognosis, you give it validity. If you let the doctor’s opinion remain his opinion, and move into how you actually feel inside, you
can move from acceptance to a state of hope. Don’t stifle “negative” emotions; let them be felt and released.

Energetically, when you feel hopeful, your body and mind vibrate at a higher level, which brings you toward higher potential. When you feel despair and resistance, your body/mind vibrate at a lower level where disease manifests. Yet, you can’t merely talk your body into a higher vibratory level if every aspect of your being is not in alignment with the state of hope you wish you had.

The trick is this: instead of trying to convince your mind of what it wants, work at the level of the body. Experience the feeling of the state of hope you desire. Literally hold this state in your heart, and let it permeate every cell of your body. No need to focus on the image of your “goal”. Just focus on the feeling of the desire held in your heart.

Discovering Our Pure Potential Later in Life

Friday, April 15th, 2011

One of the greatest gifts of The Fertile Soul process has been helping women, regardless of where they lay in the reproductive aging process, to access their life potential. The key is meeting them where they are.

Thousands of years ago, Chinese medicine recognized that a woman’s reproductive life span began at approximately age 14 (now it is earlier), when the life giving powers of the heart endowed the womb with the ability to bring forth life. It was also recognized that at approximately age 49 (today it is later), the essence is returned to the heart, and although a woman is no longer able to bear children, her maternal energy strengthens in this return, and is offered to the world. Menopause is seen as a revered transition because of its power. As the reproductive essence declines, the spirit of the heart increases. When a woman in her later reproductive years is challenged to bring forth life, we have to address her spirit more than tending just to her body.

Denise was a spirit filled woman who came to a Fertile Soul retreat in her late forties, when Western reproductive medicine told her she was too old. Immediately on meeting Denise, I knew she was one who would not be held back by medical beliefs and limiting paradigms. This was her strength, which I like to maximize, rather than trying to “fix” the limitations of the paradigm in which one does not necessarily fit. She returned to her home in Africa, and within a year was pregnant naturally. Nine months later Denise gave birth to a healthy son.

The process of honoring the heart, the true healer, is not just to be true to oneself; but also to move past the limitations of fear and worldly beliefs, and into the full expression of a spirit filled life. Denise became a mother toward the end of her fifth decade. Her music career took off. Her passion is being lived. I am so inspired by Denise; I wanted to share an article that was written about her.

The reluctant musician who discovered talent late in life ?
Live according to the truth of your heart. Don’t let anything or anyone else hold you back. You have one life to live, and this is it!

A Broad View of Immunity – Tapping Into Infinity

Friday, April 15th, 2011

I speak of reproductive immunology quite often; mostly because it is so neglected in reproductive medicine. Our obsession with egg and sperm grinds us into the small, finite view that the only pertinent factor of fertility is the proper combination of germ cells.

The sage Lao Tzu pronounced 2500 years ago:

“If we remain obsessed with seeds and eggs, we are married to the fertile reproductive valley of the mysterious mother, but not to her immeasurable heart and all-knowing mind.”

I am constantly reminded that seeds and eggs do not make babies. Life makes life. Seeds and eggs are only the blueprint, but the connection between the source of life and its manifestation comes through the heart. When this opening is not there, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the embryos are – they will not become babies unless the entire being is addressed. It may show up with all kinds of autoimmune markers, implantation failure, endometrial antibodies…

Every time I encounter someone who is trying to conceive with autoimmune conditions, mild to severe, the scenario looks something like this:

There was no evident problem until they started to conceive. Unexplained infertility gave rise to multiple hormonally stimulated cycles, which made an autoimmune condition manifest. I’ve treated many women, who, after IVF, developed Lupus, Graves Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and complete endocrine system shut down. And yet their doctors urge them toward more reproductive treatments – tens, twenties, thirties. No babies result. When the body has said no to life, it will fight the treatments with vehemence, until it fights against itself.

Lao-Tzu also said: “He who is infinite is immune.”

It is our own limitation, our small beliefs, our mad insistence on manipulating seeds and eggs, which puts us into fight/conquer mode. This may work well when our goal is a new car or job, but not when we are working toward the manifestation of life itself. The rules change. When we fight life, it fights back. When we open up to receive its source, it comes through.

Those who can move into a higher state of consciousness, one of no limitation, become immune. We are already whole. We have everything within us to manifest this wholeness. When we are limited by a paradigm that struggles to get what it wants, we are governed by that which is finite. The source of life is infinite. Its myriad manifestations are limitless. It is wonderful to see women pull themselves out of the limitations of the scientific method, whose job it is to pick apart and define its limits; and step into the life giving powers of the miraculous: the immeasurable heart and all knowing life of the mother of existence. She who taps into her own infinity is immune from infertility.

The Fertile Soul’s springtime retreat focus is tapping into infinity.