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HERB-004 Invigorate Blood: Uterine Health Formula

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Endometriosis is a laparoscopic diagnosis. Endometriosis is suspected when the individual presents with mild to severe menstrual cramps, pain on intercourse, and may experience dark, clotty menstrual blood. A laparoscopy is performed to confirm the presence of endometrial cells outside of the uterine cavity, to which the body has mounted an inflammatory reaction. The affected tissue can be “burned” off with a laser, although this is not curative. Another medical approach for endometriosis is to induce a temporary state of menopause with hormonally suppressive drugs such as Lupron. This is also not curative. The presence of endometriosis may also affect ones fertility. Occasionally scar tissue can develop which can impede the ability of the ovary to release the egg and be received appropriately within the fallopian tube. The degree of inflammatory reaction, however, is the greatest indicator. When the inflammation triggers the involvement of the immune system, the body can be programmed to view its own uterine lining as foreign and dangerous, and immune cells are mounted to destroy the endometrial cells and anything that might be implanting in them.

Fortunately, Chinese medicine has found curative relief for endometriosis. Herb-004 Invigorate Blood: Uterine Health Formula is based on a Chinese remedy to revitalize patterns of static blood in the uterus, reducing the inflammatory reaction and immune involvement.

I do not find it particularly valuable to know if one has been diagnosed with endometriosis. If there are symptoms of menstrual pain; blood clots; sticky black, brown or dark purple menstrual flow; and/or painful intercourse, it is an indication that the static blood needs to be enlivened so implantation can be allowed. This process often takes many months (3 – 9) to calm down, depending on its severity.

In addition to Herb-004 Invigorate Blood, I also recommend the following adjunctive treatments for endometriosis:

–       application of castor oil packs to the lower abdomen and uterine massage

–       follow the spleen qi diet, reduce red meat and animal fat

–       supplement with USANA essentials, proflavanol, and visionex

–       OPC, 250 mg/day

–       Wobenzym, taken between meals on an empty stomach

–       Nattokinase, take as directed

This regimen has been found curative. I have treated patients with Stage IV Endometriosis, who, after a few months on this plan, on repeat laparoscopy, had no evidence of endometriosis. Of course, the symptoms subsided as well.

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HERB-003 Resolve Damp: Ovarian Stimulation Formula

Monday, November 28th, 2011

This herbal formulation was prepared for those with PCOS, and directs the body’s reproductive energies toward removing obstructions to ovulation. PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome, insulin resistance and glucose intolerance are viewed as “damp” disorders through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

If you view the connection between the pituitary gland and the ovaries as a river, disorders of sugar regulation could be likened to sludge in the river bed, reducing the flow of communication between the messages from the pituitary gland and how quickly they are received and responded to by the ovaries.

One particular herb in the formulation, gleditsia spine, has been reported to reduce the waxy capsule around the ovaries that can hinder the release of the egg during ovulation. Gleditsia spine is not to be taken during pregnancy, which is why we stress taking this formulation prior to ovulation only.

Women with delayed ovulation may find ovulation coming earlier and earlier with continued use of this formulation during the follicular phase. It does not have this effect in women whose ovulation occurs during the expected mid-cycle range.

Women who have disruptions in sugar metabolism that impact ovulation can also benefit from supplementing the diet with NAC, chlorophyll, chromium picolinate, inositol, fenugreek, and bitter melon.

Sylvia had no formal diagnosis of PCOS, insulin resistance, or glucose intolerance. Yet, she always felt a little light headed when she was hungry, and craved sweets most of the time. She felt sluggish and tired and had a few immunologic markers. Her physician started her on Clomid, and prescribed Glucophage, although her glucose levels were within the normal range. These drugs made her feel even worse, and she did not become pregnant. Before proceeding with the suggested IVF, Sylvia removed sugar, refined carbohydrates, gluten and cow’s dairy from her diet. She supplemented with antioxidants, NAC, and chromium picolinate, and took the Resolve Damp formulation during the follicular phase followed by the Vitalize Spleen Qi formulation during the luteal phase. Immediately she felt the results. Her energy improved, her cycles shortened, ovulation came earlier each month, and she became pregnant in less than six months.

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HERB-002 Kidney Essence: Follicular Health Formula

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Herbal formulas are focused on gently correcting underlying imbalances; either building up deficient energies or removing obstructions. It is easy for misunderstandings to develop with Chinese herbs. The formulations are complex, to help the body do what it is intended to do. With fertility formulations, most are focused on directing the body’s energies to the reproductive system.  The Fertile Soul herbal formula blend HERB-002 Kidney Essence: Follicular Health Formula is based on an ancient Chinese formulation to build up the “essence” of the reproductive system. It is intended to be taken during the follicular phase (after menstruation until ovulation) of each menstrual cycle, supporting the energies that encourage follicular growth. Unlike ovarian stimulating drugs, this formulation does not overstimulate and therefore deplete the reproductive energies, but nourishes the kidney yin and blood, while resolving any excess stagnant energies. They have no hormones in them, but encourage your body to produce its own hormones.

This nourishing formula may even be used concurrently with ovarian stimulation, with your doctor’s approval. This formulation has been shown to lower FSH, encourage folliculogenesis, raise AMH values and encourage ovarian response. I encourage its use in women with premature ovarian failure, poor ovarian response, advanced maternal age, or to build up the reproductive energies before or after a stimulated cycle.

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Water – The Carrier of Vibration

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Hydrogen, the simplest element and the first in the period table, was the most abundant element formed during the big bang. Hydrogen coalesced into stars, which then fused into helium. Hydrogen was named for its ability to form water.

H2O. Two atoms of the first element, and one of that which infuses us with qi.

Chinese medicine ascribes great value to the element water, the most abundant element in life. Our bodies are composed of about 80% water. Embryos are approximately 99% water. If we die of old age, we will probably be about 70% water. Water is depleted as we age. The reproductive system belongs to the element water, that which gives rise to life. Water governs the process of growth, maturation and decline. It oversees hormonal functioning. It is responsible for water balance of the kidneys and urinary bladder. Water produces the will to survive, and the instinct of fear. Water also governs the ears and sound, the carrier of vibration, and our potential to bring forth life. Energetically, that which gives rise to water thrives in stillness, and requires deep restoration.

Water is depleted by fear, overwork, exhaustion, and overstimulation.  It is restored by relaxation, quiet, meditation, and by having a deep sense of knowing who we are. It is nourished by conserving our reserves; and not squandering them by the demands of life.

In Eastern thought, the sound Om connects us to the original vibration of creation. When we allow ourselves to deeply touch into our depths, we often find fear of the unknown, of our own origin. But when we allow ourselves not to run into the demands of life and face our own origin, our own fears, the result is a courageous wisdom that allows us to live from the strength of water’s greatest virtue – the spirit of water or zhi. The Chinese character for zhi is ? Zhi – A shoot emerging from the depths of the heart, or an inner direction that develops like an emerging plant, lifting up from the underground. Zhi describes the deepest aspect of who we are, that which provides us a rooted direction in life. It is our deepest remembering of who we really are.

We have access to recognize the spark of the divine within, through which life arises. The power of water is the place between stillness and life, where our deepest wisdom resides, giving rise to an instinctual power that ignites the flame of organic processes.

The characteristic of water is to seek the depths, always penetrating into the unfathomable origin. Consider this yourself. Can you rise above your deepest fears by penetrating into your own depths:

What vibration are you emitting? Is it in resonance with your deepest self? Can you find the courage to touch into your own subconscious mind? Can you dare to come into your greatest wisdom, found in stillness that brings forth the miraculous potential of how your highest vibration may be made manifest? This is where creation is expressed. This is fertility. This is your birthright.