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After a Long Hard Winter…

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

After a long and hard winter, signs of spring are finally beginning to appear. The days are getting longer and warmer, the crocuses and daisies are beginning to appear, even the air has that ineffable quality that smells of spring. In Chinese medicine, spring is a time of rebirth, growth, and renewed hope. I find these early months of spring, the time when spring and winter are almost inseparable, to be the most profound. This is the time when just the smallest bit of light begins to come out of the darkness. The dormancy that winter demands is just starting to put forth its renewed energy. The idea of spring has come, but it has not fully manifested.  This is the time of spring when all the contemplation of winter begins to turn outward and manifest in small ways. This is the time when our plans just begin to take form, but before they have fully solidified. This is the time of fertility. While spring may be a time of fertility, fertility is not just about having babies. Fertility is about bringing forth the new. It is about change and reemergence. It is about thawing that which was frozen to allow life to enter in whatever form it may choose to take. Fertility is also creativity because we have not yet become firmly attached to our new ideas. Fertility may look like a new hobby (or the emergence of an old beloved hobby). But I think the true nature of fertility is bringing forth the essence of our true self and sharing it with the world. When we do this, our fertility manifests in our life in ways that we never even imagined it could, just as the earth emerges renewed in its own unique way each spring.

from: Theresa Hall