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Dr. Randine Lewis demonstrates expertise not only in her chosen field of medicine, but in the art of understanding. Gleaning knowledge from both her personal and professional experiences...she teaches readers more about their reproductive and related systems than they ever learned before through the usual channels.

Unlike lots of other books that champion this or that single regimen, The Infertility Cure combines a slew of alternative therapies: Herbs, acupuncture, diet changes, and mind/body work.
Suz Redfearn, Washington Post

WIth her background in Western medicine, her excellent academic achievement, her clinical experience in China, and the unique research she has conducted in the area of infertility, Dr. Randine Lewis has been able to shine new light on this ancient and proven technique.
-- Shen Ping Liang, Ph.D., president of the American College of Oriental Medicine, president emeritus of the American Acupuncture Association

Randine Lewis's book is both a reflection and extension of her efforts, and it will provide important information to anyone with personal and/or professional interests in this often enigmatic area of health care.
-- James Giordano, Ph.D.


The Way of the Fertile SoulTM

Being fertile and fruitful can mean giving birth to a child, but to have a fertile soul means to give birth to the true self a woman wants to be: to live a life filled with passion, strength, joy, and adventure. In her book, The Way of the Fertile Soul, Dr. Randine outlines ten ancient Chinese medical and Taoist "secrets" that hold the little-known key to successfully conceiving babies, new dreams, and a fulfilling life for women at any phase in their lives.
The Way of the Fertile Soul encourages women to strive toward health, abundance, and a fruitful, joyous approach to life. By using diagnostic questionnaires, qi gong exercises, and guided meditations to help the reader understand how the elements of nature express themselves in her body, mind, and spirit, The Way of the Fertile Soul provides the tools to greatly increase a woman's chance of conceiving, identify imbalances, reduce stress, increase energy, and uncover her intrinsic creativity and express it fully.

From Dr. Randine,
"The idea to write this book grew out of my desire to expand the concept of women's fertility. When I told my patients that I was going to write The Way of the Fertile Soul, they urged me to share what they had learned about the real soul of Chinese medicine and meditation.
I help women (and men) conceive. But more than that, I help them give birth to the deepest part of themselves, whether they are trying to bring in a child or are looking for freedom in any aspect of their life--at any age. This books is meant to bridge the gap between the full meaning of fertility and the narrow definition it has been limited to. The Way of the Fertile Soul is intended ot open you up to create life in its myriad forms. Whether or not you are seeking to bear a child, this process is a tool to help you open up to the fruitfulness at your very core. Those trying to have a baby find that it opens them up to the life-giving powers of the universe. In the present time, as women redefine themselves once again, we are pregnant with possibility, ready to give birth to our own liberation. Fertility is life."

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Achieve pregnancy through Acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine as treatment for infertility.
We use Acupuncture and alternative medicine as infertility treatment to produce pregnancy.
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