Spleen Qi Diet

We harp on the positive effects of the spleen qi diet maybe ad nauseum, but its impacts are real. The way you eat does affect your fertility, your health, your outlook and your life.

It may require some lifestyle and pantry changes, but the way it changes your life is absolutely potent. Most who need it, lose a significant amount of weight. Their energy levels improve. They need less sleep, and are less stressed. And, according to a new study (albeit in rodents), better egg quality in older women.

Wall Street Journal, 9/6/11, Health & Wellness, D3

Aging and fertility: Restricting calories in women nearing the end of their reproductive years may prolong fertility and reduce chromosomal defects in offspring, research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests.

U.S. researchers followed two groups of female mice from three months to one year of age, when their fertility normally declines. One group was kept on a 40% calorie-restricted diet for 7 months and then allowed to feed freely. Control mice had no feeding restrictions.

The number of healthy unfertilized oocytes, or eggs, was significantly lower in control mice than calorie-restricted mice, the study found. Spindle abnormalities, which can lead to chromosomal errors, also increased in control oocytes from less than 10% at three months to almost 65% at 12 months. No abnormalities were detected in oocytes from calorie-restricted mice. The study also identified a gene that regulates oocyte quality.

Caveat: The effects of calorie restriction on human reproduction haven’t been tested.

The diet:

Cut out all refined sugars and sugar substitutes

Cut out wheat and all refined carbohydrates (eliminate gluten if gluten sensitive)

Cut out milk and cow’s dairy

Cut out all hormonally treated animal products

And, if you can…

Cut out caffeine (even decaffeinated coffee, although herbal tea is fine)

Cut out alcohol

This does not have to be life-long dietary change, although most people simply will not go back to the sluggish way of eating and feeling after they have tried this a few months.

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