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Why is the Spleen Qi Diet So Important?

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

“Those who take medicine and neglect their diet waste the skill of the physician.”

–       Chinese proverb

Why is the Spleen Qi diet so important to achieve optimal fertility? The energetics of the Spleen supply the entire body with its foundational energy. The Spleen processes the food and sends the derived energy to other organ systems. If inappropriate eating habits and inappropriate food overwhelm the Spleen, it cannot effectively transform the food creating dampness instead of Qi. (One of the manifestations of dampness is excess weight.) This deprives other organ systems, such as the Kidneys and the reproductive system of the energy it normally receives from the Spleen. Not only that, but dampness produced by improper eating habits can obstruct the flow of energy in the body manifesting in blocked fallopian tubes, cystic ovaries, and other reproductive abnormalities. And most importantly, when the Spleen is unable to nourish the Kidneys, the Kidneys are forced to pull their energy from the Kidney essence. The store of essence in the Kidneys is responsible for the production and quality of eggs and sperm. If the Kidneys need to pull their energy from the their essence, that essence can not support reproduction.

The foundation of the Spleen Qi diet, based off of thousands of years of Chinese wisdom is no sugar, dairy, or wheat. These foods take a lot of energy for the Spleen to transform without producing significant nourishment in return. Look for the basic replacements of goat cheese and/or milk, gluten free grains, and agave nectar or other low glycemic sugars. But remember that even these healthier alternatives need to be done in moderation to keep the Spleen functioning optimally.